Thanks to Dorothy and Charlotte
This is a portrait of Hillary Clinton with her mother Dorothy and her granddaughter Charlotte, both have been a huge influence on her politics and goals.

This painting was featured at Politicon 2016.
In Honor of Hillary Clinton
I made this painting in honor of Hillary Clinton. She is painted holding a tree for life and education (hidden human rights and women's rights symbol inside), she is also holding scales like the lady of justice balancing an eagle and a dove. Hillary is standing in front of a sunrise for new beginnings and she is shaking hands with the world. I added the american dream/family on top of the world and the Clinton foundation stars below. She is wearing the crown of the Statue of Liberty and there's an american flag in the corner. Hillary is also depicted as Athena with the owl on her shoulder, symbolizing wisdom and intelligence.

This painting was featured at 2016 Politicon, and shown in the CBS tv series Criminal Minds season 12.​
Trying to have a little fun in these terrible and tense days.
This is a funny painting of Trump and Putin as a playing card.​