Konni is happy to make custom paintings, just fill out a form under the "About" tab above. 

Portraits/paintings start at $150 for a 12"x12"or similarly sized canvas, this is a thin layered realistic portrait of 1 person or animal. There's an additional cost for couples and mutiple people.

If you want a thicker layered painting like the ones shown below, they start at $500 and $250 depending on photo, size and details.

24"x30"                                                        12"x12"

Originals available for sale:

Contemporary Paintings:


                                                             Secrets, 12"x12",  acrylic, $750

                                                             Remembering ,12"x12", acrylic, $600

                                                             Blue Grace, 36"x48", acrylic, $2,000

                                                             Memories, 40"x60", acrylic, $1,200

                                                             Self Reflection - of a dancer, 40"x60", acrylic, $1,200


                                                             The Dance, 40"x60" acrylic, $1,800


                                                             Letting Go, 60"x40", acrylic, $1,000


                                                             Passion, 60"x40", acrylic, $1,400


                                                             Storyteller - H. C. Andersen, 12"x12", acrylic, $750


                                                             Albert Tribute, 12"1x2", acrylic, $600


                                                             The Great Inventor - Tesla, 12"x12", acrylic, $775


                                                             The original actor- chaplin, 12'x12", acrylic, $200


                                                             Cherub, 12"x12", acrylic, $200


                                                             Thanks to Dorothy and Charlotte, 12"x12", acrylic, $1,075

Paintings with hidden pictures:


                                                             Manarola, 36"x36", acrylic, $5,000


                                                             Poseidon, 36"x72", acrylic, $15,000



                                                            Glow of Beauty, 15"x30", acrylic, $1,500


                                                             Life of Roy, 24"x30", acrylic, $5,500


                                                             Beaches, 15"x30, acrylic, $575


                                                             In Honor of Hillary Clinton, 24"x30", acrylic, $15,000


                                                            The Lord of the Manor, 24"x36", acrylic, $7,500


                                                             Las Vegas, 24"x30", acrylic, $4,500


                                                             Wild Horse, 36"x36", acrylic, $1,500


                                                             Arabian Horse, 24"x30", acrylic $750


                                                             Oracle, 24"x30", acrylic, $2,000

Palette Knife only:

                                                              White Horse, 24"x30", acrylic, $1,500



                                                              Abstract Horse, 20"x40", acrylic, $750


                                                              Majestic, 60"x40", acrylic, $1,000


                                                              Texas Longhorn, 36"x36", acrylic, $775


                                                             Texas Longhorn Profile, 24"x36", acrylic, $775

Simple Acrylics:


                                                              Humpback Whale, 8"x10", acrylic, $75


                                                              Humpback Whale Song, 8"x10", acrylic, $75


                                                              Blue Fish, 8"x10", acrylic, $75


                                                              Sea Turtle, 8"x10", acrylic, $75


                                                              Jellyfish, 8"x10", acrylic, $50


                                                              Rhinoceros, 8"x10", acrylic, $300


                                                              Black Rhino, 8"x10", acrylic, $300


                                                             Hippo, 8"x10", acrylic, $300


                                                              African Elephant, 8"x10", acrylic, $300


                                                              Elephant, 8"x10", acrylic, $300


                                                              Squid, 8"x11", acrylic, $95


                                                              Moray Eel, 8"x11", acrylic, $149


                                                              Spotted Red Octopus, 8"x11", acrylic, $95


                                                             Giant Red Octopus, 8"x11", acrylic, $95


                                                              Octopus, 8"x11", acrylic, $95


                                                              Warmth, 14"x18", acrylic, $300


                                                              Deep Thought, 14"x18", acrylic, $300


Corset, Xtra Small, acrylic, $500

Older Works:


                                                              Boy Dreams, 18"x24", acrylic, $2,000


                                                              Viva La Revolution, 18"x24", acrylic, $250


                                                             The Art of Sculptures, 16"x20", acrylic, $250


                                                              Nature, 18"x36", acrylic, $200


                                                              Expressions, 22"x28", acrylic, $200


                                                              Surprise, 22"x28", acrylic, $200


                                                              Haute Couture, 24"x30", acrylic, $300


                                                              Renaissance, 36"x48", acrylic, $500


Food Chain, set of 3, acrylic, $1,000


                                                              Island Kelp, 24"x30", acrylic, $500


                                                              Octopus, 24"x30", acrylic, $500


                                                              Summer, 48"x36", acrylic, $500


                                                              Fun & Games, 36"x48", acrylic, $1,000


                                                              Dark Games, 36"x48", acrylic, $600


                                                              Le cirque, 36"x48", acrylic, $500


                                                              Dragonfire, 48"x36", acrylic, $300


                                                              Tiki Totem, 24"x40", acrylic, $400


                                                              Hollow, 13"14", acrylic, $75


                                                              Orchard, 30"x24", acrylic, $100



                                                              Tiki Fest, 16"x20", acrylic, $100


Konni Jensen Art